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G2 Series 1.6-2T Reach Truck (Sit Down)

Key Product Features

Novel Appearance:

  • Ergonomic cabin design with fan-shaped overhead guard provides a broader top view for truck operator.

High Working Efficiency:

  • Travelling speed and accelerating performance have improved; forward & reverse shifting is smoother; great reduction in truck energy consumption and noise; total work cycle is greatly shortened.

High Stability:

  • Maximum lifting height reaches 12.5m; forklift mast is fixed on the truck body; forks tilt instead of mast tilting, reduced mast shake in high lifting position.

Operate Comfortably:

  • Real-time 180°& 360°steering mode change makes for enhanced flexibility, especially in narrow roadways;  fingertip switching; optional mast height display and location reorganisation function can achieve precise positioning during operating.

High Safety:

  • The truck has equipped with ramp-way automatic braking, automatic turning deceleration, and emergency power cut-out protection, enhancing total operating safety.

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